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Osho Meditation and Masturbation

19 APRILE 2016

Medical science has established with absolute evidence that masturbation does not lead to insanity. But religions continue to repeat that too much masturbation destroys intelligence and leads to premature death.

Well, no one can masturbate too: it is impossible. You can masturbate just enough - in your body there is only a certain amount of sperm and you can release only as much - most of you can not. Whatever you do, you can not immediately produce more sperm. It takes time. So there is a natural prevention to do it too, and if the monks of all religions would listen to me, I would tell them: "masturbate and meditate."

I could also call a book: Meditation through masturbation. If you can reach the superconsciousness through sex, because you should not come to meditation through masturbation? It is definitely possible. You simply need to look with new eyes.

When a person's jerking off and start to feel that is about to reach a state of orgasmic, his thoughts disappear. Experience the same orgasmic state that happens making love to a woman. There is no difference. At the biological level there is no difference. The semen is released in a mechanism, in a body or somewhere else, is of no importance. It is to bring the sexual tension to its fulfillment, which is more easily implemented with masturbation, as with a woman the other is present. In masturbation you are the master.

You can go slow or fast, you can reach orgasm very slowly. The state is orgasmic meditation, become aware. Alone will be easier, because there is no one else that bothers you, it's you, only.
So do the whole world know that masturbation does not lead to insanity; celibacy can lead to madness, not masturbation.

And if homosexuals do not feel interest to women, then perhaps masturbation is closer to the nature of homosexuality. And masturbation can be combined with meditation.
I'm saying these things for your own good, because you will face these problems and will not have to make the same mistakes as always. If you see a child who masturbates, not to commit the same nonsense that is done everywhere. Just tell him: "It's fine. Meditate well, and you will receive more pleasure. And there's nothing wrong, so there is no need for you to hide. "But man is such a coward. Is unable to face reality ...

You can very easily combine meditation and masturbation, and it'll get a lot of joy. If meditation is associated with a great joy, your whole life will be different. All religions have done the exact opposite. They destroyed your joy and you have taught meditation, so meditation does not get results. You can succeed only if it is a joyful experience, why not connect with a joy so easily available organic? But people want to kill me, he wants to kill me because I say these things, even if I just  confirm absolutely scientific facts.

Osho, The Last TestamentVol. 2, # 23

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  1. Very good.
    Except for the fact that in the original talk Osho says: "Than perhaps masturbation is closer to the nature THAN homosexuality" not OF homosexuality.
    Idk if you did purposely, but if you did this means changing the whole meaning by changing one single word... and if you don't get this simple fact, my feeling is that you should inquire your sexual energy's nature rather than putting some external morality into it.